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To make life more secure!

VTA Security Service is a specialized company providing the security of: Individuals and legal entities. Bank and company structures. Industrial, commercial and building sites. State institutions. Hospitals and schools. Sport complexes and stadiums. Public events. Resorts and Hotels. Entertainment complexes. Night clubs and public places for entertainment.

We are one of the leaders on the market in design, installation and maintenance of security systems and protection at mega commercial sites from the Mall type:
City Centre Sofia, Mall Varna, Park Mall Stara Zagora, Varna Towers, Technomarket Europa.

VTA Security Service was established in 1994. During the last fifteen years we succeeded in turning our organization into a competitive company with experience and traditions in the security and protection field. In order to reach a maximum number of clients, we succeeded in creating a regional territorial network composed of branches and representative offices located in all the larger cities in our country. Today we can state proudly that we organize the security of more than 7000 sites on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria. Our activity is directed towards the realization of a full package of security measures which guarantee your calmness and protection. Our major purpose is to provide for our clients a service which is effective, professional and directed towards the individual needs and to offer high quality and competitive services.

VTA Security Service has an integrated Quality Management System in compliance with the requirements of the European standard ISO 9001:2000, aiming at creating confidence in its clients that they will receive services which meet their expectations and are consistent with the applicable normative orders and requirements. The company is certified from the Austrian organization Quality Austria and the IQNet international organization. We officially declare our quality policy and we do our best to apply and maintain it at all levels of the organization.

ВТА ООД, 1756, София, България, Студентски град, бл. 60 // Тел.: +359 2 868 73 68, Факс: + 359 2 868 72 18, E-mail: